3D Touch

Apple's New "3D Touch" Introduced In iPhone 6S

By Dia Ascenzi

Last month, Apple released yet another iPhone model; the iPhone 6S. While the average iPhone user might be inclined to believe that the newest model of the iPhone does not have any significant upgrades (besides the price), this new phone is a huge improvement on previous iPhones. Sure, it has a better camera and processor (making it faster than its predecessors), but the biggest change in this new model, is its new “3D Touch” feature.

3D Touch is a new feature that makes the iPhone 6S truly different than previous models. By using new technology that can sense how hard a user presses on the screen, the iPhone 6s touchscreen is the most interactive Apple device yet. With this feature, you can ‘peek’ at files and pages by lightly pressing on the iPhone screen. If you want to ‘pop’ into the page, simply press on the screen more forcefully.  Lightly pressing or tapping on the iPhone home screen, will result in a menu of ‘quick actions’ or frequently used actions. Pressing harder will execute the selected action. This new feature will revolutionize the way you use your iPhone touchscreen, making it both easier and more efficient to use and navigate.

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