Top Apps for Productivity: Six Ways to Supercharge Your Routine

By Kayla Robbins

When it comes to productivity, there are two basic schools of thought. One rewards you for getting things done in a timely fashion, while the other punishes you for falling behind. The type of motivation that works best for you is largely a matter of personal preference, but whichever side of the fence you tend to lean toward, rest assured: there’s an app for that!

For those of you who appreciate a swift kick in the pants, we’ll start with the less forgiving productivity tools.

    1. BetterMe

      This app for iPhone and Android hits you right out of the gate with a healthy dose of public humiliation. For each time that you hit the snooze button on your alarm clock, BetterMe will automatically post a message on your Facebook timeline letting all your friends know that you were too weak-willed to get up on time. Again. It can also be programmed to shame you if you miss a deadline, fail to go to the gym as planned (you have to check in via GPS, so no fibbing), or fall behind on any custom goal. It doesn’t use Twitter, so if you’d prefer to reproach yourself there, you’ll just have to type out your own admonishments for now. 

        2. Carrot

        Never has a simple to-do list been so cruel. With the gentle disposition and amiable personality of GLaDOS, Carrot insures that you get your daily tasks done. Or else. The iOS app actually covers both sides of the spectrum, handing out rewards for completed tasks, as well as meting out punishments to the less-productive. Finishing work also earns you points, which help you level up and unlock new rewards. If you do decide to let Carrot into your life, be sure you’re ready to pledge your undying loyalty by kissing the “ocular sensor,” because this and much more will be demanded of you.

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