KFC Giving Away Battery-boxes in India

By Andrew Hendricks

The KFC Watt a Box is a new promotional product available at KFCs in Delhi and Mumbai. The international fried chicken restaurant has provided fast food for customers on the go for years. Now, the chain is trying to entice customers in India by including a pick-me-up treat for your phone as well.

The charger box was a collaboration between KFC and the Mumbai-based advertising agency, Blink Digital designed to give the Colonel a jolt with the increasingly tech-savvy population.

In a place where you might not be able to reliably find a public outlet when you’re on the go, KFC is hoping to cash in on the second most populous country in the world by providing to-go boxes that are battery-powered chargers for your smartphones and mobile devices.

How the KFC battery box works

The meal box is packed with a 6,100mAH power supply, two USB plug-in ports, and is designed to work with any standard USB smartphone charger, Android or iPhone.

Apparently the power bank is removable from the box, however, it is not sold at an additional cost,according to reporting by CNET. It is a part of KFC’s “five-in-one” meal that costs 150 rupees or £1.50.

The box is advertised as having enough juice to charge a couple smartphones in theory, although some reports have said boxes are often barely able to power a single phone.

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