Not Just Siri Anymore: 6 Intelligent AI Personal Assistants

By Jesse Snider

Right now, millions of phones around the world contain an artificial intelligence known as Siri - a benevolent HAL 9000 analogue designed to follow vocal instructions and carry out basic tasks. Only Siri isn’t really an artificial intelligence (AI). She’s more of an Intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA), which, as it stands right now, is basically a more personable version of Let Me Google That For You. While she can respond to a very limited logic-tree-style set of commands, she’s more popular for her novelty than her functionality, giving rise to a wave of imitators and would-be substitutes. Even though Siri only takes up roughly 700 MB of memory, some users find other personal assistants much more appealing, and use backend methods to remove her to free up room on their smartphone. Now more and more devices are getting IPAs of their own, giving Siri some serious competition:

1: Microsoft's Cortana

2: Google Now

3: Samsung S-Voice

4: Blackberry Assistant 

5: Soundhound (Hound)

6: Amazon Echo


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