Projector Touchscreens are Here for Real

By Dia Ascenzi

Ten years ago, touchscreens were considered very high-tech, and they weren’t something everyone had immediate access to, not like we do today with smartphones. However, even they aren’t such a big deal anymore. We have devices that can project an interactive keyboard onto any surface, like this R2D2 model virtual keyboard. And technology is advancing exponentially, with new devices’ features coming out left and right. This year, Lenovo introduced a phone that can project an interactive touchscreen onto any surface. The Lenovo Smart Cast boasts the world’s smallest laser projection module, and has wall and surface settings. With this interactive laser projection, the possibilities include a computer keyboard, a piano that you can play in real time, with seemingly no lag, and potentially any other program that your phone holds. Soon, you may be playing games or surfing the web on the surface of your desk.

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