Dealing With Camera Culture: A New Ubiquity

By Cristina Mariani

Not so long ago, taking pictures of yourself all day was considered excessive and even vain. While this remains true today, snapping pictures of yourself has become something of a norm, to the point that we have actually coined a term for it in popular culture: the ‘selfie’. To better satisfy the average user’s photographic needs and make taking “selfies” more convenient, today, phones even come with two cameras - your normal camera, and a front facing camera. There is even a “selfie stick,” the function of which is to make taking selfies easier. To some, it may seem creepy to “follow” someone on the internet - even stalker-ish. After all, looking at countless pictures of someone, their meals, and other daily activities is somewhat extreme. However, in today’s society, through the acceptance of social media and the accessibility of cameras, documenting your actions in the form of pictures, has become something of an encouraged pastime. 

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