Smartphone etiquette

Smartphone Etiquette in 2015

By Terra Cooke

As cliché as it may sound, it is undeniable that times have changed. Better cars, new medical discoveries, and advanced technology only begin to scratch the surface. While a few years ago it would have been taboo to check your phone while in a casual conversation, today's rules play much faster and looser with the new piece of technology everyone has to have- the smartphone. Below are six helpful tips to help you navigate through today's technological society.


While hanging out with friends, it's perfectly acceptable to Google something, or make a Facebook or Twitter update. Maybe you are at a party and don’t feel like making conversation with anyone; in this case your phone can be a helpful tool to avoid standing in a corner awkwardly.  However, not every social situation is the same. Leave the phone (preferably on silent) in your pocket or purse during a date, or any sort of intimate outing with others. You're out with them, so make the most of it - you can check those emails later!

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