E-sports Coming to TBS

By Dia Ascenzi

Much like the world of professional athletics, esports are now becoming a phenomenon not just for the gamers themselves anymore. Viewers, gamblers, and fanboys themselves who may never have played a single online game they are becoming more and more drawn to the ultra-competitive world of high-stakes competitive gaming. And now, the mainstream media has taken notice. TBS has recognized this mania, and has decided to take it even further with the creation of ELeague.

ELeague will be a televised competitive gaming event, broadcast once a week, following tournaments and players for a massive prize pool. The goal is to make esports into something comparable to watching the NFL or the NBA, where viewers can follow competitors and the progress of the tournament over time, becoming attached and invested in the progression of the competition, and growing familiar with their favorite competitors and teams. The world of esports is already that big, it just hasn’t been recognized in that way until now. A televised, professional-style event like this is just what the esports community needs.

Esports have been around for quite some time now. Blizzcon was hosting StarCraft tournaments long before esports grew into what it is today. Since the integration of live streaming platforms like Twitch, it has grown into something much more accessible and widespread. Naturally, the next step would be to broadcast it on television.

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Andrew Hendricks

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