Text, Images, Branding: Everything Your Website Needs

So you’ve got a website - your own corner of the Internet where your business can reach an audience of consumers all over the world. The “web-presence” everyone has always told you is an indispensable part of your company is well underway at this point, whether or not your site has gone live. By now, you’ve already got the skills and the tools you need to make your brand worthwhile; what you don’t have is content—words and images that depict your products and services in a coherent, yet compelling way. It is important to keep in mind that buying content for your business isn’t like buying light-bulbs or ballpoint pens; it’s a craft, not a commodity, and should never come as an afterthought. 

At Human Creative Content, we don’t produce rushed, generic, or manufactured work. Instead, we provide expert creative services to appeal to your audience on a personal level, engaging the human reader—not the robot. We approach Search Engine Optimization with subtlety and finesse, crafting interesting stories around your brand, not saturating it with SEO keywords. It’s one thing for your audience to find your product (all content-producers should have a respect for basic common-sense SEO practices), but once they’ve found it, they need to trust it. Far too many people are willing to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars on SEO experts before they even have a thousand words of web copy posted. You have to have content and a finished website for it to be optimized and before you can sell its service.

Web Copy

If you’ve worked hard to build a business that provides quality products and services, you deserve a website that reflects that. Great web copy doesn’t just tell your audience what you’re selling; it uses personal, engaging language to expose needs, trigger desires, and inspire trust. Many of the freelance writers who provide creative services like ours will promise quick, “high quality” content, only to disappoint when it matters most. When you’re paying for a creative, skill-based service, “high-quality” should be expected. Satisfaction guaranteed should be more than just buzzwords.

At Human Creative Content, we make it a point to deliver on that promise with a much better guarantee: we provide publish-ready content. We don’t submit work that’s rough around the edges. Instead, our content is polished and perfected by our team before it ever reaches yours. With first drafts created by a skilled writer, content edited, fact and hyperlink-checked by an experienced content editor, and further final editing by a dedicated, separate copy-editor… Human Creative Content provides a level of fine-tuning and perfection of natural language that no single freelancer can come closer to providing. Our skilled copy writers study your brand, your services, and your customer feedback to create comprehensive and personalized content that engages, informs, and keeps the reader on the page. 

Guest Blogs, Ghost Blogs, and SEO-Friendly Content

Say you’ve got a website for your business and have now fleshed out your web presence with thoughtful web copy and bold graphics to represent and define that business. It’s a great start, but unless you can maintain an active web presence to draw in new visitors, your website just becomes another dead page on the Internet. One way to remedy this issue is by hosting original articles relevant to your brand and tying trending topics to your products and services. At Human Creative Content, our guest blogs don’t sound like advertisements. Instead, our talented writers build interesting articles with search engine optimization in mind, relating your business to the ever changing needs and interests of your audience.

In this way, providing guest blogs for your website allows us to build upon the foundation we’ve cultivated through our other services, maintaining a sustained interest in the success of your brand. From the ground up, we can take your website and fill it with creative content to help you maintain a web presence, and bring your brand to life.