Will Tesla Make a Smartphone?

Tesla Motors is a company known for its willingness to take on huge, seemingly impossible projects, and turn them into amazing products, all without compromising the original idea. This is evident in their range of fully electric cars, nationwide charging stations, and home solar batteries. Could they also be a name soon synonymous with smartphones?

Now, I’m not talking about the TESLA Android phone already in existence, which has no relation to the company other than a shared namesake. I’m talking about a smartphone designed and built top-down by Tesla Motors, with the full strength of their expert team and incredible innovation behind it.

Why would a car company make a phone?

It’s not as unlikely a crossover as it may appear. After all, smartphones are becoming increasingly integrated into the way we drive, with Volvo unveiling plans for a new model in which your smartphone acts as your car key, and Tesla Motors themselves adding a feature called Summon, which lets owners control their cars just by using a smartphone app. Summon lets you call your car out to meet you in the morning or have it park itself in the garage when you get home. As the technology advances, Tesla hopes to expand the Summon feature to allow you to control your car from great distances, or even have it meet you on the other side of the country at a predetermined time, charging itself along the way. Collaboration between smartphone manufacturers and car makers is only expanding as the line between the two technologies becomes progressively blurred, changing the way we interact with our mobile devices, our vehicles, and even each other.

So, why would an electric car manufacturer want to make a smartphone? Possibly for the same reasons that a smartphone manufacturer would want to make an electric car. Apple is also seeking to get into the car manufacturing industry

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Andrew Hendricks

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